The Mary Tyler Moore Show was one of the most popular situation comedy’s of the 1970’s perhaps all-time. The show, about a single working girl in Minneapolis, began each week with a title montage about a girl "Who Can Turn The World On With A Smile”. At the end, she throws her tam-o-shanter hat in the air and the shot freezes.  Whatever happened to the hat?

It is here in the virtual museum. The strange tale of how we got Mary’s hat starts in 1990, when Phil Savenick wrote and produced the Mary Tyler Moore Show 20th Reunion Special for CBS. He asked Mary if she still had the famous hat. She said “no”, after she threw it in the air for the title shot, nobody picked it up and it was thrown away. So the producers had the costumer knit a duplicate. Mary used it on the show and threw it in the air again… and left it behind again. This time, PhiI picked it up, and still has it.